Monday, 27 November 2017

#4 meet the Residents - Robert S Hedley

The Olde Logge Cabin, Rainbow Road, Tickleford Gully

Meet Robert S. Hedley:

I was born a dirt poor man.  All my life I've had hard working hands but I sang my song as I carried my load 'cause I had a dream about Rainbow Road.  Then one day a man came along, heard me playing and singing my songs.  He bought me clothes and paid up every debt I owed, sent me on my way down Rainbow Road.
Then one night a man with a knife pushed me 'til I had to take his life. Fast as falling all my friends were gone. That old judge traded me a sentence for a song.  Now I'm living with this ball and chain. I had to wear a number before they ever heard my name.  And like the dream I'm growing old, but we still sing about Rainbow Road.

Rainbow Road, Dan Penn

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