Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Good Old Days

Understanding the past is easier if you have a reasonable grasp of the commonly understood epochs of history.

If you're a creationist it is much easier.  First there was In the Beginning, then Biblical Times and now the Final Days (which have lasted 2000 years so far).

But you're probably not interested in the same history as the rest of us.  I'll remember you in my prayers.

Paleolithic  500,000 BCE - 8,000 BCE  early stone age
Mesolithic      8,000 - 4,000 BCE       mid stone age
Neolithic     4,000 - 2,500 BCE    late stone age 
Bronze Age   2,500 - 700 BCE  time out of mind
Iron Age      700 BCE - 43    antiquity
Romano-British     43 - 410      ancient times
Early Medieval  410 - 1066     Annals of history
Late Medieval   1066 - 1485   in the chronicles
Post Medieval    1485 - 1800    days of yore
Early Modern      1800 - 1945    days of old
Modern Eon      1945 - 2017     The Good Old Days
The Future                 2018 onwards         

The Early Modern period can be further subdivided as follows
Bygone days
 Bygone days of yore
 Golden days of yore
 Days of awe and wonder

 Days of yore

the Good Old Days 



Not to mention the Olden days, Days gone by, Auld lang syne, Thou unrelenting past and finally the most annoying one - Back in the day

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