Saturday, 3 December 2016

Secret Society of Super Villain Artists 1/3

Big Issue, John D'Oh, SSOVA, Upfest 2016

All of the pictures on this page were taken at Bristol's Upfest 2016.  I had a whinge about Upfest a while ago, my problem being that so much of the art was "art students painting out doors".  There was very little political art, very little with any kind of message.  I have always associated graffiti with rebellion, the underground, a voice for the dispossessed. 

 Artist Wanted, New Fish, SSOVA, Upfest 2016

The art on this page is from the Secret Society of Supaer Villain Artists at Upfest.  Some of it addresses contemporary political issues - homelessness and Trump - some of it doesn't.  None of it looks like the CV of someone looking to get a job with the Disney Corporation or Sega.  But, Artist Wanted (above) illustrates a dilemma.  Should the graffiti artist exist underneath the radar, anonymously, working for free, getting his or her message across, all for the love of art?  

 Boris Chump, SSOVA, Upfest 2016
What does it matter? 
No-one listens to artists anyway.

Make America Hate Again, Futz, SSOVA, Upfest 2016

It's a gas, RIP, SSOVA, Upfest 2016 

 Wake me up, RIP, SSOVA, Upfest 2016

Dirty Little Man, Silent Bill, SSOVA, Upfest 2016

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