Sunday, 18 December 2016

Staring at the Sky

For argument's sake, 
lets pretend we could stop arguing
Over which of us is wrong 
and why it isn't you
Golden Age of Aviation, The Lucksmiths

We're barely awake before your head's up in the clouds again
There's nothing you like more than having nothing much to do
Golden Age of Aviation, The Lucksmiths

 A passing interest in the past

 I'll never forget the morning we went running around before the sun came up, so new to this town

We stood together but there was some reason we never kissed
And it was something akin to being in love
I guess it's love
We left it up in the air
We left it to fate
We left it a little too late
Before the sun came up, The Lucksmiths

And even though the weekend doesn't really make much difference
You spent Thursday on your backside whistling "Friday on My Mind"
Smokers in love, The Lucksmiths

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