Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Celebrating one third of a century,  33 and a third years. A vinyl anniversary

Follow you, follow me, Midge 2016

And celebrating one year. A month turned into twelve.  A certified miracle.  You've come a long way, baby.  

Little Miss Fury, #thanksNHS, #thanksLarry

Also born on this day in history: Mark Twain and Winston Churchill.  Both were premature babies who went on to make their mark.  

European leaves

1000 years ago today Danish King Cnut (or Canute as we used to call him) took the English throne, following the death of Edmund Ironside.  Cue another 1000 years of arguing over Brexit.

 Making every day a holiday

There are no Blue Eyed Cream New Forest ponies.

Ignore the cute bunny and look out for tarantulas which burrow and hide, waiting for prey that may inadvertently wander in . . . .

Time travel agency

From Sticky Jam to the Rock-A-Fellas Saturday night is party night

Cafe Society UK style (blankets provided)

Typical Olde English street scene, Lyndhurst.  In the background the church steeple of  St Michael's Lyndhurst where Alice (of Wonderland) is buried. Foreground Prezzo and the Imperial Chinese Restaurant. #multicultural

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