Saturday, 19 November 2016

Nothing is lost

When I use a word, says Humpty Dumpty in Wonderland, it means just what I choose it to mean.

When I hear Humpty Dumpty's word it means whatever I understand it to mean.  It isn't necessarily the same thing.

When I look at a painting it means what I want it to mean.  Regardless of what the painter intended.  Anyway a painting that only had one interpretation would be a pretty lame painting.

My Dog Sighs & Midge, Angels ever Bright and Fair

A couple of years ago I bought a print of a picture by My Dog Sighs and Midge.  It showed two figures, kind of like mother and child.  It was painted on a page of sheet music, a piece of music called Angels, ever Bright and Fair, by Handel, c1750.

Angels are not really part of my belief system, my world view is basically This Earth The Only Heaven.  I don't feel the need for cherubim and seraphim. I bought the picture for the picture, not for any deeper reason.  But something special happened.

Earlier that year my daughter had given birth to a very premature baby. Twenty weeks. Baby Aubrey was not ready for the world.  It was the worst day of all of our lives.  After a little while when I looked at Angels, ever Bright and Fair I saw my daughter holding Aubrey.  Keeping her safe for ever more.  My love for the picture deepened.

And then my daughter told us she was expecting again. And once again she gave birth prematurely.  This time at 25 weeks, a month before Christmas. This time was different.  Thanks to the NHS, and Little Miss Fury's own fighting spirit, she made it. It wasn't an easy ride but she did it.  Then, whenever I looked at Angels, ever Bright and Fair, I started to see a different picture.  I saw Aubrey looking out for Little Miss Fury, keeping her safe.

It's nearly a year later.  Little Miss Fury is stronger and stronger, Now when I look at Angels, ever Bright and Fair the roles have changed.  Now Little Miss Fury is looking after her older sister, who will remain forever young.

Midge currently has an exhibition in Southsea.  My Dog Sighs spans the world.

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