Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Ghost sign

Ekco ad, recreated 2016

2008 photo by Duncan Holley, 2016 photo by TheCornPoppy

Here's an interesting one.  A few years ago, tail end of 2007, a building came down, exposing a long hidden advert for Ekco radio.  The advert was painted on the wall sometime in the 1930s saying "Listen with Ekco Radio".  Being hidden had protected the sign, because it seems to have deteriorated considerably over the past decade.

Here's the interesting bit.  Someone living locally in an end of terrace house with a big bare end wall, no windows, no features, just a big brick wall, thought it needed brightening up.  So he commissioned an artist to recreate the fading Ekco radio sign.  Not recreate it in all of its 1930s glory but the fading Ekco radio advert.  He could have had anything painted there, could have commissioned, permissioned a new piece of street art but thought his 1930s house needed a 1930s sign.  Faded and worn so that it looked like it had been painted new when the house was built.

Mister, we salute you!

Footnote: It's not painted on (looks like it, though) it's a vinyl banner.
Just as effective and a quarter of the price. Well done, Mr Dixey.

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