Monday, 22 August 2016

What have I done now?

Evolution, Otto Schade (Osch), Southampton

A beautiful thoughtful piece by Otto Schade in Southampton, showing Mankind at the brink, where next? Have we gone too far? Did we screw it up? Can we turn back? What have we done? What have I done now?

Alice No Wonderland, Robin Doyle (WhatHaveIDoneNow), Bristol

Indeed, what have I done now?  Another lovely piece by Robin (Whathaveidonenow) at Upfest, 2016; lovely, with dark, dark undertones

What have I done now? I took a photo of someone's tattoo.  I thought it was something wonderful but probably should have asked first.  Who's tattoo? I don't know but she painted this:

Evolution, The Agent, Skate park Bristol

Another take on evolution, this time from SSOVA's The Agent.  

 Angus & The Agent Collaboration (well, The Agent held the ladder)

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