Monday, 18 July 2016

What goes on

Wandering the streets of Southampton, trying not to be run into by Pokemon hunters, I came across this on the wall of a shopping centre:

Osch, DeEvolution

After my rant a couple of weeks ago about the difference between graffiti and street art - coupled with a bold (and rash) statement that I liked graffiti but not street art - I should have walked on by.  Definitely Art, definitely Street Art.  Of course I love this.  Beautifully executed with a simple message (my take is "civilisation is on the brink, pondering its future", you might see it differently).  

Osch: the internet explains it all: Osch is a chilean-german artist, architect and urban sculptor living in Europe since 2004. He has been painting since 1996.  His work shows 2 different typologies of paintings. One related with the dreams, onirics situations (surreal). The other one related with the abstract world in which he has been experimenting with layers, creating deepness in his sort of espacials representations. He has also been experimenting with collages and graffiti. He usually works on canvas, paper, boards or walls. 

This isn't all that Otto Schade has left  behind in Souhampton.  He is also responsible for a zany zebra, named Silver, which is inside the Marlands shopping centre. This is one of almost 200 across the city advertising a local zoo (Marwell) and highlighting the plight of the Grevy Zebra.

Osch, Silver

Here's some more Southampton city centre graffiti. Or street art.

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