Saturday, 16 July 2016

Vinyl countdown

Exhibition at Play Dead, Southsea, July 2016

Eins, What is love?
When all else fails, play dead

 Tim Childs, This Kiss
Never speak words you don't mean

 Dice 67
 You have to be careful creating your own reality; you can get lost in it, so lost that it is hard to get back in the real word

 Korp, Worms
I said I was sorry

Midge, To sleep, to dream 
Peace will come and with it sleep

 Miss Wah
The past is not ever dead, it's not even past

 M-One, Hell is round the corner
Evil doesn't need a reason to exist

My Dog Sighs, Soul Girl 
Do right woman, do right man

 Nova, Sharron
What doesn't kill you makes you bitter

Angela Chick, Radical in paradise
Play dead. Rest in peace

art on vinyl from Play Dead and Pie & Vinyl present 33rpm, July 2016
quotes mainly from Play Dead by Anne Frasier

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