Sunday, 10 July 2016

Vandalism (2)

Here's another form of street art.  Not so fancy as a Masai tiger or a Snub23 robot and, maybe, all the more interesting for that.  Bus stop diaries.  Diary pages pasted on random bus stops.

Above are two of 107 entries.  Below are two more.  Well, there would be but someone has removed them.

What do they say? Are they worth reading? Do we learn something of the author, do they teach us something about ourselves, or our selves, or the human condition? Do they entertain? Do they serve a purpose?

I saw two people in a pub talent show one time. They danced a tango.  They weren't very good.  I was with a former minor rock star.  As they finished I said "people will do anything for attention".  He said "yeah, right", picked up his guitar and took the floor to play a medley of a more popular former rock star's songs.  Anything for attention.

So, are these diary entries worth reading?  Well, you have to judge.  You, the unseen audience.  Are they worth pasting on bus shelters? Wouldn't it be easier to set up a blog?  The number of readers might be similar and there would be less litter.   Here's the first:

A bit like a found snapshot.  A little glimpse of someone else's life.  Not especially interesting.  In fact, its banality is all.  How about the other one.

 That's more like it.  I want to find out more.  I'll keep an eye out.

 To round this off, here's something I  would like to think of as a Wayside Shrine or a roadside art installation.  It might just be that someone has been tidying up.  But if I present it as an Art Installation does it become one?

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