Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Road to Rouen

The last month has been pretty crazy, from Orlando to Tokyo, via Munich, Nice, Baton Rouge, Dallas and Rouen.  

The initial reaction from politicians and commentators has been to give credit to IS, followed by a realisation that, in fact, the atrocity has been carried out by an individual with mental health problems. 

We as a society need to recognise the needs of all the members of our community; we need to make sure that people have the support they need.  We need more understanding, we need more compassion.  

There are undoubtedly those who believe that it's all a conspiracy and the attacks are co-ordinated; there are doubtless others who cling on to the hope that these are the End Days and the messiah is about to return and sort it all out.  Politicians seeking election are happy for you to be scared, it stops you thinking about other issues.  And IS are happy to claim any atrocity so long as it increases the fear that westerners feel going about their day.  

Don't be scared of your neighbour, don't be scared of every stranger, don't judge others because they're different, don't be swallowed up by the madness and the hatred being whipped up.  Do take care, do use your common sense, choose life.  

And remember that for every bomber or shooter there's a hundred, a thousand, paramedics, nurses, doctors, fire officers, police officers, bereavement counsellors clearing up afterwards. For every evil deed there's an untold number of heroic and humane responses.  Choose life.

The Corn Poppy, Poppy

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