Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Hit Parade

Play Dead @ 33rpm 

Snub23, Rage on
You got me singing

 Doug, Doug
What can I say?

 Mr Kemp, Another side of
The fifth Beatle

Leila, Bear
Music for pleasure

 Lex, All Daphne
I'm not helpless, I'm not helpless, I'm not helpless.  
I'm dead.

I'm gone, so gone, you can forget about me

Jordan Pryke, Doom Rider
Don't look like no chaos space marine to me

Roo Abrook, Biba
Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin

 Sadie Tierney, Wonder Wheel
Pink Emerson Radio

Samo, Frida
through the neon doorways
down the stony streets I fell 
sailing shadows, reds and blues 
curtains drawn but I saw through
Window to your soul
and I found you
Boz Scaggs, Harbour Lights

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