Sunday, 17 July 2016

Bubbling under

Play dead present 33rpm

Real, One
poppin' a bottle o' Grey Goose vodka 
(but never finishin' it)

Lou Bliss, The Headless One
the Stele of Jeu

Ellie Potter, Flaws
I thought back to when I was fifteen
and I was squeaky clean
. . . dreading that anyone would read my diary . . .
Kimya Dawson, All I could be

 Connor Tyler, Dead Flowers
and you can bring me dead flowers every morning, 
send me dead flowers by the mail, 
send me dead flowers to my wedding
and i won't forget to put dead roses on your grave
Jagger & Richards (channelling Gram and Townes)

 Josh Davies, Olivgrun
oh, the sisters of mercy, they are not forgotten or gone

Neil Layton, Emily Brown & Stanley in Space
I'll stand by Stanley
No matter what he said
I'll stand by Stanley
Until the day he plays dead

Lefty Sketch
Lefty he can't sing the blues
all night long like he used to

Jasmine May, Wolf
He smiled to see her cry

Jack Williams, Spinnaker tower
stand by the shore
sail away, sail away 

Sam Hugh, You will never be one of us
Gabba gabba 
we accept you

art from Play Dead studio, Southsea, July 2016

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