Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Brutality, Religion & a Dance Beat

The Corn Poppy has been quiet the last couple of months, but not idle.  Actually quite busy,putting up a statue, building a monument to the legendary Roger Eagle. Between October 1976 and March 1980 Roger ran Eric's Club in Liverpool.

At the time it seemed a great place.  In retrospect , it was even better.

When Eagle died in 1999 Bill Drummond bought his record collection and turned into a sculpture called Dead White Man.  The records would no longer be played.  A very Drummond thing to do, but Roger Eagle was all about playing the records, introducing people to new sounds.  At Eric's he was the moody uncle of punk.  Follow the links here for a month by month, blow by blow, band by band aural history of Eric's - and by extension a history of punk, new wave and post punk in those turbulent 40 months.

You can go to to find them all now but I'll add the links bit by bit

April 1977
May 1977
June 1977
July 1977
August 1977
September 1977
October 1977
November 1977
December 1977

January 1978
February 1978
March 1978
April 1978
May 1978
June 1978
July 1978
August 1978
September 1978
October 1978
November 1978
December 1978

January 1979
February 1979
March 1979
April 1979
May 1979
June 1979
July 1979
August 1979
September 1979
October 1979
November 1979
December 1979

January 1980
February 1980
March 1980

it is very strange to think that the distance from here to 1976 is the same as the difference from 1976 to the Berlin Olympics of the mid 1930s.

When we used to sing
What do you mean
It doesn't rhyme
Nether did Jesse Owen
And he won four gold medals
In the 1936 Olympics
In Berlin
we were singing history  It could have been Vikings, Vizigoths or Victorians - the 1936 Olympics were ancient history.  But apparently it wasn't so long ago after all.

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