Thursday, 17 March 2016

Imagination is a powerful deceiver

Mick was a troubled man. 
Most days he felt he was on the outside looking in.  
Except for some days when he was definitely 
on the inside looking out.

So he became Mia.  
First just at home. 
Then popping to the shop. 
At night, so the neighbours wouldn't see. 
Until, at last, he found his feet and Mia had full rein.

She was everything, 
the works, 
everything Mick wanted to be, 
in one glorious day glo package. 

Mick would never let his hair down, 
Mia always wore ribbons and bows.

She was simply the life and soul, full of life and soul, 
while Mick, well, Mick had a blue soul on a dark, dark road.

Mick had no friends, Mia had them all. At least once.

Unfortunately when Mick felt he had nothing, 
and nothing left to lose, he left.

And when he left he still didn't want to be alone, 
so, you know, he took Mia with him.

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