Sunday, 17 January 2016

part four

When an artist sets out to create a new piece of work there are many questions he, or she, will ask .  Here's a few of the most common.

1.  What do I want to say?
2.  Have I got all the materials I need to hand?
3.  Am I wearing the right shirt?
4.  Have I got one original idea left inside my head?
5.  Does the dog need walking?

6.  What colours do I have in my pallette?
7.  Which colours and tones will I use?
8.  Which colours and tones will I avoid?
9.  Why aren't there more colours?
10. Is Countdown on yet?

11. Who am I creating this for? Me, you, eternity?
12. How are we going to sort out the situation in the Middle East?
13. Has anybody painted/photographed/sculpted/written this before?
14. If art changed anything would it be allowed?
15. Wow! this feels really, really good! Am I doing it right?

16. Why doesn't it look like the picture in my head?
17. Is it any good?  Is it finished?
18. Will anybody like it?
19. Why didn't I learn a trade?
20. Is this the one?

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