Saturday, 9 January 2016

I would walk back across Hell to get your hat

Roy Carter Tribute 2009, Ringwood

Graffiti and street art tends to appear in urban settings with rural pieces either being swiftly removed or surviving by accident because no-one has noticed it there.  This rather lovely tribute to a  local known as Catweasel, Quack Quack or Mr Roy Carter, has graced a wall in the market town of Ringwood (edge of the New Forest) for nigh on seven years.   The local paper (obviously) asked was it a Banksy?  

One concern for locals  was that it would attract other graffiti and indeed it has.  The imaginative IDontGiveAF was not part of the original piece and close to it are these two:

 All I'm gonna say is that everyone has to start somewhere.

Ringwood is a funny little town which most people pass by.  Their loss.

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