Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fresh paint at Villabon

out of the subway, Rael, imperial aerosol kid, 
exits into daylight, spraygun hid

no-one seems to care

 hovering like a fly, waiting for a windshield on a highway

 there's something moving in the sidewalk steam

 they call me the trail balzer - Rael, electric razor

  chamber of 32 doors

and then in the darkened underpass I thought 
"oh god, my chance has come at last"
but then a strange fear gripped me and I just couldn't ask

the medium is the massage

rockface moves to press my skin

when it's cold it comes slow, it is warm, just watch it grow

it is here, it is now

just a little bit of it can bring you up or down


it is chicken, it is eggs

it is walking on the moon

it is the purple haze
and you'll never hear surf music again

it's the same old ending 
time to go
Art mostly by P.19 crew
Photos by Mme Akriche and Razor0
from Villabon sur Yvette.  Some fresh today, some from the last couple of years.  Thanks guys

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