Sunday, 24 January 2016

Death in custody

all things begin and end in eternity

the question you've been wanting to ask ever since we met

 My interest is energy - transference of energy

My life isn't secret, Mr. Farnsworth, but it is private

If you sell it to me now, you can't redeem it later

I'm quite fond of a lot of the graffiti round here but I'm very aware that it doesn't say anything.  Nothing at all.  This one does.  This is saying there were five deaths in custody in Winchester Prison during a three month period in 2015.  

Hadyn Burton
Daryl Hargrave
Jason Payne
Mohamed Emany-Foroushani
Chris Garitty

What can you say?  Well, reading some of the comments below the line of the local newspapers that have reported this it appears you can say anything you like.  Apparently, if someone has committed a crime then they're fair game.  There appear to be many without sin who are prepared to cast the first stone.

graffiti from Southampton and Winchester

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