Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fresh paint at Villabon

out of the subway, Rael, imperial aerosol kid, 
exits into daylight, spraygun hid

no-one seems to care

 hovering like a fly, waiting for a windshield on a highway

 there's something moving in the sidewalk steam

 they call me the trail balzer - Rael, electric razor

  chamber of 32 doors

and then in the darkened underpass I thought 
"oh god, my chance has come at last"
but then a strange fear gripped me and I just couldn't ask

the medium is the massage

rockface moves to press my skin

when it's cold it comes slow, it is warm, just watch it grow

it is here, it is now

just a little bit of it can bring you up or down


it is chicken, it is eggs

it is walking on the moon

it is the purple haze
and you'll never hear surf music again

it's the same old ending 
time to go
Art mostly by P.19 crew
Photos by Mme Akriche and Razor0
from Villabon sur Yvette.  Some fresh today, some from the last couple of years.  Thanks guys

Monday, 25 January 2016

Fight for your rights

In Brest anarchists have painted graffiti “Fight for your rights.”
“For the moment the living conditions in our country are getting worse and worse: salaries are cut, new laws, directed against the people, are introduced, taxes are raised and so on. The authorities are not interested by the life of common people, they are interested by how to steal more, nothing else. We have only one solution: to fight for our rights,”
thanks to Graffiti Removal Ltd of Basingstoke for reminding us to fight for our rights

Revolution Of Conscience is already underway

Revolution Of Conscience Graffiti Created In Minsk

  • 25.01.2016, 12:32
On Monday the trial in the case of the so-called graffiti artists is to be held in the court of Frunzenski district of Minsk.

Three young men – Viachaslau Kasinerau, Vadzim Zharomskiand Maxim Piakarski – are charged with “defiling of buildings and property damage” and “hooliganism.”

Nasha Niva has published a photo of the scandalous graffiti Revolution of Conscience.
See that for yourself.


The trial is to be presided by Judge Ala Skuratovich. Maxim Piakarski, Vadzim Zharomski and Viachaslau Kasinerau are to stand the trial. One more person involved in the case, Yaraslau Ulianenkau, is to testify, he had been cleared of all charges.

We remind that on August 11 five men were violently arrested on suspicion of involvement in three criminal cases: painting two graffiti in Belarusian, “Belarus Must Be Belarusian,” and “Revolution of consciousness is already underway”, and painting over a social billboard with an image of policemen.
The Investigative Committee accused Maxim Piakarski, Vadzim Zharomski and Viachaslau Kasinerau under Article 339 part 2, “Hooliganism committed by a group of persons.”

Soon incarceration was replaced by a pledge to appear in the court and proper conduct to Piakarski and Zharomski, however the criminal case against them was not closed.

thanks to Graffiti Removal Ltd of Basingstoke for highlighting this abuse of  the basic human right of free speech 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Death in custody

all things begin and end in eternity

the question you've been wanting to ask ever since we met

 My interest is energy - transference of energy

My life isn't secret, Mr. Farnsworth, but it is private

If you sell it to me now, you can't redeem it later

I'm quite fond of a lot of the graffiti round here but I'm very aware that it doesn't say anything.  Nothing at all.  This one does.  This is saying there were five deaths in custody in Winchester Prison during a three month period in 2015.  

Hadyn Burton
Daryl Hargrave
Jason Payne
Mohamed Emany-Foroushani
Chris Garitty

What can you say?  Well, reading some of the comments below the line of the local newspapers that have reported this it appears you can say anything you like.  Apparently, if someone has committed a crime then they're fair game.  There appear to be many without sin who are prepared to cast the first stone.

graffiti from Southampton and Winchester

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Lost and Found at Fontainebleau

I'm consciousness. I'm alive

Don't laugh, I'm being cool

Don't let people take away your potential

People are always fearful of something they don't understand

This is a new kind of life form, a new step in evolution

You've taught us so much more than I can ever have imagined

Remember. No matter what happens. You are made for good

Mommy loves you!

You think you're real?

You look so happy. Like little happy chappie

Rousseau and Millet of the Barbizon School

I can't save you

I know you don't understand, but it's okay

It's too early to tell how this is all going to play out

Photos from the Forest Barbizon and Chateau de Fontainebleau by Mme Akriche, January 2016
Umbrella by My Dog Sighs
words from movie Chappie by Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell