Tuesday, 10 November 2015

quiet little voices

regular readers will need no introduction to My Dog Sighs.  Based in Southsea, Portsmouth, UK with a world spanning reputation - and pieces on several continents.  MDS is at home painting big on the side of a house or painting angels on a pinhead.  Here's a house:

the house is in Gosport near St John's School

 the owner is (a) happy and @ OhkayPaints

this is a great colab between My Dog Sighs and a whole bunch of kids, part of a project called Democracy Street.  you can see the collaborators reflected in the eyes.

 On Friday My Dog Sighs latest exhibition opens at the Play Dead studio in Southsea.  

Things are gonna get a bit smaller. 

Things are gonna get a bit darker.  

More tomorrow.

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