Sunday, 11 October 2015

I'll rise but I won't shine

Morf, Southsea
Construction doesn't have a great image so these days they try harder.  One result can be some great hoarding art (surely a genre on its own, less polite than street murals, but more class than throw ups). This post has no more hoardings, but does have more art from building sites.

 Help me, help me

Building sites are not playgrounds (1)

 Building sites are not playgrounds (2)

 Unwelcome sign

 Be Ware, Bew Are

Summit Property Maintenance

Sea gulls on an end wall

It's hard to know what to make of this.  This is a smaller banner some that have (dis)graced this house.  Usually they have simple messages (often expressed in a convoluted way) demanding Britain leaves Europe.This one seems a little confused - a vast army sneaking a shadowy Trojan horse in while Britain sleeps seems to miss the point of the story.

 practice makes perfect

Sym by Sym
Many street artists who end up painting astonishing murals will tell how they started off by tagging, painting their name on a wall, repeatedly, until their can control improved, their style evolved and their ambition grew.  I can't help thinking Sym misspelt his name first time around.  Not a very complex tag yet, but just wait ten or twenty years when works by Sym are changing hands for thousands - you saw it here first.  In fact if anyone wants to make me an offer on this photo, by way of an investment, well, lets just say, I'm listening.

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