Friday, 21 August 2015

Watcher on the sidelines

wandering around street art hotspots like Shoreditch it is easy to be gobsmacked by Big Art by rock stars like Martin Ron, Roa and Dank but much more fun can be had by looking out for small pieces like these by Polish artist Noriaki.  His character The Watcher (or Periscope Man) is all over the place.  Here's a couple of dozen Watchers.

Endless, Noriaki, et al

Often the Watcher shares space with other art, somehow he always seems to fit in.  He's a little like a pet - I mean, it's weird to have a wild animal (like a cat, a dog or a goldfish) in your house but people get used to the idea.  

ROA, Paul Son Smith, Noriaki

There's a Watcher, at the feet of a Roa, underneath a Paul Don Smith (that's the man with a tap).

Phlegm, Noriaki

Gregor, Noriaki

David de Brito, Noriaki

Paul Don Smith, Noriaki

David de Brito, Noriaki

Roes, Noriaki, Shoreditch

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