Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Giver

 what do you feel?
I don't have the words to describe it

 When people have the freedom to choose, 
they choose wrong.

Every time.

 there is more  
so much more

A dream. A combination of reality, fantasy, emotions and what you had for dinner.

there's no way to prepare you 
for what I'm gonna do now.
you can take comfort in knowing 
you are completely helpless

 if you can't feel . . . what's the point?
ah, but what can you do?

 We lived in a world where 
differences weren't allowed. 
There was no popular, no fame, 
no losers, no winners, no conflict.  
Fear, pain, envy, hate, 
they weren't words so much as sounds. 
Their echoes were gone, 
to the other side of history

 memories are not just about the past
they determine our future
you can change things
you can make things better

 everything is connected
 everything is a balance

I provide wisdom
That is now your role
To provide guidance in the present 
using memories of the past

all quotes from The Giver (2014)
For the past eight years I have watched about 25 movies per week, or 1,300 every year. 
In my opinion, this was one of the very worst.

online review of The Giver
(I disagree.  Oi'll give it foive)

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