Sunday, 16 August 2015


I bumped into Thierry Noir a couple of weeks ago (just saying).  He mentioned an exhibition of his work at the Howard Griffin Gallery in London running until 23rd August.  He told me I should go along.  You don't say no to Thierry.  He's a very nice man.

If anyone has a criticism of Thierry Noir's work - and I don't think anyone does - it may be that his work is one dimensional.  Or, at best, two dimensional.  He's been painting these odd figures for decades now.  

There'll be no such criticisms here.  Entering the Howard Griffin Gallery for the Jazz exhibition is like walking into a Simpsons cartoon.  There is so much colour, life, vigour, vitality, bounce, jazz.  And three dimensions.

There are two reasons for this.  One is that Thierry Noir has an eye for colour and shape and balance.  The other is that he has worked with Chris Tsonias to produce 3D figures and musical instruments.

Here's a link to the gallery site: JAZZ
Everything is for sale.  I bought the fold up table the sales girl was leaning on.

 Here's a few pieces from around Shoreditch.

And here is the big man himself at Upfest a fortnight ago:

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