Tuesday, 7 July 2015

cancer you bore me

 Hope, Gnasher, Leake St, July 2015

A visit to Leake St, underneath Waterloo Station, is always good value. It's a legal wall, a spot where you can just rack up, paint, let it be.  If it's good it may be there for a while, but there's no guarantee.  It may well be gone tomorrow. For the casual viewer this means there's something fresh every time you drop by.

The downside is that because it may not be there too long people tend not to leave their best work there. What's the point in working hard if someone is going to tag over you soon as you're gone.  But this time round there's some real good walls, like the two above.

 Noticed a theme emerging.  Cancer.  Battle cancer. Cancer killers.  Cancer you bore me.  Shout out to April and Charlie.

So what is it all about?  Here you go:

Hi my names Charlie, 3 Days ago I found out my Mrs has breast cancer (she's 26 and her name is April). I want to do something, I'm not sure what? Painting is some thing I do and something I love. It gives me a voice, it's loud everyone can see it and it says listen to me. I wanted to ask if you could/would you help me paint something or do something to say F... you cancer, I'm gonna kick you in the balls? In the grand scale it'll prob mean nothing but it'd help me feel a whole lot better and at least I feel like i've done something . Please help. The more the merrier, invite your mates.

Leake st (Waterloo) Battle against Cancer
5th July 2015

 Save the boobies,


Today we write and unite for April


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