Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Nowhere man and a whiskey girl

The difference between 
entertainment and art 
is not how much effort 
the artist has put in 
but how much effort 
the audience must put in.

Juliette:     "If only I could stop one heart from breaking I would not have lived in vain.  If I could ease one life the aching or cool one pain"  I say as I do most unspeakable things again and again.  How could I be on the inside so kind but on the surface be so cruel to you my love so true?  If only I could start again I would
Romeo:        Be my Juliette

Juliette:       I know I can stop one heart from breaking .  I will not live in vain.  I can ease one life the aching and cool one pain.  I do most remarkable things again and again.  No more will I be on the inside so kind but on the surface be so cruel to you my love so true.

Romeo:        Don't say goodbye.

Juliette:        I'll try not to say goodbye

Romeo:        So this is goodbye? This is how you say it? What if I don't hear you?

The Corn Poppy:  sleep will come and with it peace

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