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1977 Eric's, Mathew Street, Liverpool

Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Liverpool Eric's 1977

Liverpool Eric's ad from Deaf School programme, March, April 1977

11th February    Little Bob Story

10th March        The Heartbreakers + Cherry Vanilla + The Police
11th March        Darts 
12th March        Rockpile
18th March        Buzzcocks (SD-LTT) or Bert Jansch (flyer) take your pick
19th March        Frankie Miller
25th March        Silly Wizard
26th March        Wayne County

1st April            Generation X
2nd April           Plummet Airlines
4th April           The Western Kirby Cowboy*
5th April           The Western Kirby Cowboy
6th April           The Western Kirby Cowboy
8th April           Roogalator
9th April           Tyla Gang
13th April         Jazz night with Chris McGregor's Blue Notes + Kenny Shaw + Will Gaines
15th April         Wayne County
16th April         Gorillas
20th April         Jazz night
21st April          John Cale + Count Bishops + The Boys
22nd April         Little Bob Story
23rd April         The Pirates
27th April         Jazz night
29th April         Plummet Airlines
30th April         The Jam

*During the Everyman Theatre's thirteenth season, the extensive rebuilding project forced the company out and into a year of touring - playing in school gymnasiums, pubs, and working men's clubs throughout the Merseyside area. One of the Everyman Company's most popular shows was The Western Kirkby Cowboy (a Merseyside version of Shane Connaughton's Western Coyney Cowboy), starring Bob Mason as Billy Longbottom - a council tenant in the titular West Kirkby who fantasises about an idealised life in the hard deserts of the American Old West. The play opened at Eric's (later to become the centre of Liverpool's punk scene) and toured around Merseyside.

Liverpool Eric's ad from Last Trumpet, April, May 1977

5th May               The Clash
6th May               Wayne County & the Electric Chairs
7th May               The Heartbreakers
11th May              Jazz night Johnny Griffin + Carmel Jones + Joe Palin Trio
12th May             Private hire 
13th May             The Stranglers
14th May             Siouxsie & the Banshees (SD-LTT) Blondie (flyer) Albert Dock (flyer)
19th May             Ramones + Talking Heads + Boomtown Rats
20th May             Alberto Y Los Paranoias
21st May              Bert Jansch
25th May             Jazz night Red Brass
27th May             Generation X
28th May             The Damned

Liverpool Eric's flyer, May 1977 (edited)

1st June        Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia

Liverpool Eric's flyer, July, August 1977
6th July                   Liverpool Jam
8th July                   The Darts
9th July                   The Saints
12th July                  'Sleak' = Alberto y los Trios Paranoias
13th July                  'Sleak' = Alberto y los Trios Paranoias
14th July                  'Sleak' = Alberto y los Trios Paranoias
15th July                  'Sleak' = Alberto y los Trios Paranoias
16th July                  The Jam    (or The Spitfire Boys) + Radio Blank)
18th July                  Deaf School
19th July                  Deaf School
20th July                  Liverpool Jam
21st July                  The Thursday Bop (at last)
22nd July                  Spitfire Boys
23rd July                  The Vibrators
27th July                  Liverpool Jam
28th July                 The Thursday Bop
30th July                  Elvis Costello & the Attractions 

2nd August1977  elvis costello and the attractions

2nd August               Private hire - Granada TV, So It Goes,  Elvis Costello & the Attractions
                                                    broadcaast 3rd December 1977 
3rd August                Liverpool Jam
4th August               The Thursday Bop
5th August               "Murder at Eric's" = Everyman Theatre Company
6th August               Buzzcocks        (or Stanley Clarke)
10th August             Liverpool Jam
11th August             The Thursday Bop
12th August              Flying Saucers
13th August             The Table + XTC
19th August             The Movies
20th August             The Slits + The Prefects + The Spitfire Boys
22nd August             Slaughter & the Dogs + Wire + Breeder + Johnny Moped
        August             X-Ray Spex + Warsaw (+ matinee show)
26th August             John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett
27th August             Generation X + Big in Japan
28th August             Private hire - Beatles Convention
29th August             Private hire - Beatles Convention

Liverpool Eric's flyer, Liverpool Jam, 1977

Liverpool Eric's flyer, Thursday Bop, 1977

Liverpool Eric's flyer, September 1977
2nd September        Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers
3rd September         Buzzcocks + The Worst + Rage
7th September        Pacific Eardrum
16th September       The Adverts + Only Ones
17th September       999 + The Rage
23rd September       Ultravox!   
24th September       The Motors   
25th September       Sad Cafe  
30th September       Slits

Liverpool Eric's flyer, October, November 1977
1st October     Alternative TV + Amazorblades
2nd October    Billy Boy Arnold + The Moondogs
7th October    Tom Robinson Band
8th October    Cherry Vanilla + Killjoys
9th October     Kursaal Flyers
14th October   Radio Stars + The Skunks
15th October   Lurkers + Depressions + (Adam and) The Ants
16th October   Fabulous Poodles
17th October   29th & Dearborn
18th October   John Martyn
19th October   John Martyn
21st October   Boomtown Rats
22nd October   Clash + The Toilets
26th October   Heartbreakers + Slaughter & the Dogs
28th October   X-Ray Spex
29th October   Eater + The Crabs
30th October   The Pirates

Liverpool Eric's flyer, November 1977

4th November       Sham 69
5th November       Darts + The Moondogs
6th November       Darts
10th November     Gordon Giltrap
11th November     Split Enz
12th November     Split Enz
13th November     Nancy Boys
14th November     Wilko
16th November     Colosseum
18th November     Buzzcocks  + The Fall + The Toilets
19th November     Rezillos
20th November     5 Hand Reel + Krysia Kocjan
21st November      Third World
23rd November      Wayne County & the Electric Chairs
25th November     John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett
26th November     XTC

Liverpool Eric's flyer, December 1977

1st December       Theatre Wardrobe + The Warm Jets + Hugo Dines Band
2nd December      Greg Kihn
3rd December       Ultravox!
4th December       Amazorblades
9th December       Boys of the Lough
10th December     The Clash
11th December     Ian Dury + Deke Leonard's Iceberg
16th December     Howard Devoto's Magazine + John Cooper Clarke
17th December     Penetration + The Fall
18th December     Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias
20th December     film show
21st December     The Pirates
23rd December     Roogalator
24th December     Sausages from Mars + Radio Doom + Fast Breeder

I should credit all the sites that I found these on, but being a poor archaeologist I didn't keep records.  I've been collecting them for a while so they're just there on my hard drive.  A whole bunch came from BombedOut.   The Liverpool Band Posters group on Facebook was another major resource, as was the Erics77 facebook group.  Google helped.  And a few of them are from my attic.  Some filled in dates are from Bill Sykes excellent book about Roger Eagle "Sit Down - Listen To This"

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