Sunday, 17 May 2015

Not So Invisible

Betty Boop, Gary West

Eastleigh is a strange town, a railway town, but a passing through kind of place, not a terminus.

Dandelion, Gary West

The Borough of Eastleigh includes the Rose Bowl, the Home of Hampshire's cricket team; the Borough includes the village of Hamble, the Home of British Yots and Yotties; the southern parishes - Hamble, Bursledon, Netley and Botley are all well worth a visit; the Borough has quite a lot going for it.

Eastleigh, Gary West

The town on the other hand, not so much.  Not exactly a cultural desert but its greatest contribution to the world of the arts is the second rate much loved comedian Benny Hill.

Ernie, Benny Hill, c. EMI Records

There is an arts venue, The Point, and at The Point right now there's an exhibition of photos by Gary West.

Not So Invisible exhibition, The Point, Eastleigh, 2015

Gary is a local photographer who takes photos of what others might see as mundane, where he sees a twist, humour, surreality.  He works mainly in black and white (with a touch of red).  He says
I think people are going to expect to see sunsets and sunrises - that’s not gonna happen with me
Poppycock, Gary West, 2014

Poppies, Gary West

 home made Baileys, Gary West, 2015

kitchen sink drama, Gary West on the left

Reserved, Gary West

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