Monday, 20 April 2015

Paint the city, stranger

Parmitters van, Fark, Southsea
Southsea, Portsmouth is a vibrant kind of place.  

Paint the city, Fark, Southsea
 There's a touch of faded seaside glory here and there

 Fark, Clifton Road, Southsea
 but on a day like today, with the sun shining, cathedral bells ringing, weddings occurring, scooters gathering, street fair; live music in the street, skateboard park buzzing, circus in town, bars bulging, yachts, kites, kids, ice creams, well, it's the place to be.

 Emily Barker, Lord Nelson, Skate Park, Cadillac; Southsea Saturday afternoon

 Monk, Southsea Skate Park

There's a whole bunch of street artists in the area.  Have I mentioned My Dog Sighs? (Oh, I have ...).

 My Dog Sighs, Southsea bandstand

 There's also Fark, Morf, Midge, and a host of others working to Paint the City. 

 If you like street art and design you should take a trip to Teatray in Osborne Road, run by Fark, where the attention to detail is meticulous - from the typeface on the shop sign to the way the cakes are presented.  

The bird on the shopfront is by Morf, the lettering by Brighton's Gary of MSK.

Fark, Southsea
All over Southsea and Portsea Island you can find examples of birds by Fark.  Above is a fairly big one from round the corner in Ashburton Road.  Below is a smaller one.

Over the road from Teatray is some hoarding hiding a spot where some work is going on.  Morf painted a little mural on it:

Not everyone approved.

The hoarding was blown down and when it was replaced Gary (of MSK and Brighton) painted this:

The owners were not happy, because they weren't asked.  They preferred this:

Fortunately Gary found a spot round the corner to have another go:

Go have a cake and a coffee at Teatray and explore Southsea


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