Friday, 13 March 2015

What do you call that noise?

this is poppy

Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy) - The Four Aces

Berkshire Poppies - Traffic

Black Poppy Wine - The Star Killers

Blood For Poppies - Garbage

Blues for Poppy - James Hogan

California Poppy - Troll

Dance of the Red Poppies - Makana

The Red Poppy - Gliere

Dance of the Poppies - Davey Williams

Fields of Poppies - Blackgrass

Holly Up On Poppy - XTC.

Man Poppy Show - Hawkeye

Nine Black Poppies - The Mountain Goats

Pickin' Poppies - Gene Vincent

Poppies - Patti Smith /Nina Simone

Poppies In Heaven - Neal Storme

Poppies Lane Memory - Slank

Poppy - Beautiful South

Poppy and Pohutakawa - The New Zealand Army Band

Poppy Day - Stereophonics /Siouxsie And The Banshees

Poppy Girls - Diana Ross
Poppy Fields - Mia Doi Todd / Joe Creamer
Poppy Rock - Hippie Tendencies
Poppy's Grits - Poppy's Grits 
Poppy's Groove - Urban Jazz Coalition

Poppy's Sweetheart Caroline - JJ Calicott
Poppy's To Be Picked - The Orange Groove
Pretty Poppies - Red Wire

Red Poppy - Vaselines
Tall Poppy - Hannah Rosa
Veteran's Day Poppy - Captain Beefheart
Wandering Thru the Poppies - David Young

We Hate Poppies - Silver Riot
When The Poppies Bloom Again - Dorothy Squires

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