Thursday, 8 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie

Is it bandwagon jumping to post this? A day late too.

Is there something worse about this act of terrorism than so many others? What did the terrorists want to achieve by their action? Righting a wrong? revenge? sending a message? Did they intend to bring thousands of people together in cities all over the world, united in their condemnation of those who feel that a gun is more powerful than a pen?  Because that is what happened.

The response of thousands of peaceful pen wielding people in Paris and elsewhere in France, in London's Trafalgar Square and Berlin was inspiring.  As were the responses of the worldwide community of cartoonists.  Not seeking retribution, not trying to spread more hate.  Trying to make sense of something senseless.

The best cartoons say in a simple line drawing with a single line of text what a newspaper leader column or a Prime Minister's speech can't say in a thousand words.

Je suis Charlie is worth a thousand words. And so is Ahmed Marabet.

A note to our French Correspondent: next time you're in Paris place a pencil in the Place de Republique for me. Thanks

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