Saturday, 20 December 2014

There IS an Elvis


Oh Mr. God, I's in great trouble, for Nelly's got hurt, an' they took her into the 'firmary, an won't let me see her till to-morrer, but You knows all about it I specks, for Joe says as how You knows everything.  But I dunna want her to die, for Joe says You take people who dies that is good to a mighty nice place; nicer'n Eastham by a long chalk, an' how You has lots an' lots o' childer; an' if that be the case, I's sure You needn't take little Nell; for, oh Sir, she's all I's got in the world. Please let her stay an' get better. Oh, do now! for I'll break my heart if she dies. An' 'member, I's only a little chap, an' I's no-one  but Nelly; an' 'tis so lonesome out here, an' she is there. Please make her better. If I was in Your place an You was a little chap like me, I'd let your Nelly stay. I would for sure. An' oh, if you'll let my Nelly stay an' get better, I'll be awful good.


Her Benny, Silas K. Hocking, Liverpool, 1879

Footnote: little Nell dies.

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