Monday, 22 December 2014

Funny face

Let's give 'em the old pizazz!

 Why did you do that?

 Empathy. I put myself in your place and I felt that you wanted to be kissed.

 I'm afraid you put yourself in the WRONG place. I have no desire to be kissed, by you or anyone else.

Gentlemen: may I take this opportunity to tell you that you look like a mess of worms? And that you not only look like a mess of worms, but you ARE a mess of worms. And I'll bet you've been sitting at this table all these years because if you ever left it you'd be picked up on a vagrancy charge.

Now when I say "go," walk down with fire in your

 eyes and murder on your mind

 I can't hear myself think, and I'm trying to think in French! 

Suppose we just leave my bones alone and... and

 give me my $53.95?

 "Banish the black, burn the blue, and bury the beige. From now on, girls, think pink!"

We sit at your feet humble and ignorant but so 


 grace, elegance and pizazz

We want to sit at your feet and learn. We have so 

much to learn.

all art from Southampton Beyond Graffiti, Subway

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