Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Dog's Eyes - My Dog Sighs (3)

I think the first My Dog Sighs wall art that I noticed was this piece.  In the forecourt of Holloway Motors off Albert Road (just down from the Kings Theatre) a pair of eyes surrounded by things that I guess you might find lying around Holloway Motors, a spark plug, a wrench, etc.

The whole thing seen from a distance is awe inspiring but when you get up close it's even better.  Just look into those eyes . . .

It took a while to decipher the signature. It didn't make a lot of sense.

After that I started noticing other pieces by My Dog Sighs.  A couple of Everyman pieces.  And more eyes.  The ones above are from the skatepark.  Look in the eyes.  See the reflection.  Its the band stand below.  Which is what would be reflected from that spot.

Here's another one from Albert Road.  At Chilli Tattoo, a colab with Chicago's JC Rivera @JCRivera

 Again, look into the eyes.  What do you see?

A tower?  Look behind you . . .

That'll be the King's Theatre.

 In Chilli Tattoo I noticed this one day . . .


. . .  which seemed to be a canvas of this:

You might notice another My Dog Sighs trademark here, the water drop.

 These eyes, a colab with Los Dave, are round the back of the Theatre Royal.

Location, location, location

Finally, two more recent sets of eyes, outside Portsmouth.  The first fill a doorway of an old factory building in Bristol (just down the road from Upfest)

and these are part of a National Trust restoration at Croome Park.   

All art by My Dog Sighs, all photos are mine except for the last one which I lifted from @mydogsigh's twitterfeed.  Tune in next time for the return of the can men.

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