Monday, 10 November 2014

My Dog Sighs (2)

Portsmouth artist My Dog Sighs has a number of signature pieces. There's the can man, there's the eyes and there's Everyman.  Everyman is deceptively simple, deceptively complex, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes small and overlooked, sometimes large and looking over, sometimes lost and sometimes found.  He travels round Southsea on the back of this van (although when he stops to unload Mrs Everyman can be seen)

Here's a little Everyman, pizzabox sized.  This one is special because its mine.  It came with a t-shirt, you want to see?  OK, here it is.

Here's a couple painted at Portsmouth Street Games earlier this year.

And that's Mr Sighs there.  

My Dog Sighs spent October painting BIG.  There were some eyes for the National Trust (next time, next time) but also this for Somerstown Hub, deep in the heart of Portsmouth.  A spectacular building with great community facilities helping to rebuild a run down area.  Just needed one thing to finish it off.  That's right: Everyman.

Look at the size of them feet!

 Everyman by My Dog Sighs, all over Portsmouth

Xenon:  I must go on.

Estragon: Haven't you people got anything better to do?

Vladimir: I'm going to do the washing up.

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