Wednesday, 22 October 2014

See no evil

My Dog Sighs, Bristol, October 2014

A lot of fuss on social media and the national press about a new piece of graffiti in Bristol today.  Apparently it was for a new Banksy but much more interestingly there's a new My Dog Sighs.  This is the stuff.  Just look at the detail. 

#Bristolcan Hug, My Dog Sighs, 2013

 It isn't the first time MDS has hit Bristol, there's been a big Hug down near the docks since Upfest 2013.

 Banksy, Girl with the Pierced Eardrum, Bristol, October 2014

The new Banksy is a puzzler, inasmuch as it doesn't say anything.  Usually there's a message, or a joke.  In fact a Banksy is generally a one liner - you look, you see the clever, you feel smug because you "get it" and you move on.  Ideal for table mats.  But there's no joke here, no story, no messsage.  Perhaps he thought by having something neutral it wouldn't get defaced like Art Buff or erased by the council like the Clacton piece.  No such luck Banksy. It had a tin of paint chucked over it within 24 hours.  Unless he did it himself and it is part of the work.

Perhaps the significance will become apparent later.  Another question is why there? It's quite tucked away (you need to go round the back of the SS Great Britain and you'll find it in a kind of alcove.  It would be quite easy to walk by without noticing).  Although it's not quite as hidden as it first appears. You can see it from the other side of the river.  And from the top of the hill opposite.

Here's a couple of classic Banksy pieces from Bristol.

The best piece of street art in Bristol today is probably this piece by DANK:

Neon Knights, DANK (Dan Kitchener), Bristol, 2014

And here's a couple of other pieces in Bristol by DANK.

OK - one more quick look at some detail of My Dog Sighs Bristol piece.

My Dog Sighs, detail

Upfest, North Road, Bedminster, the beating heart of Bristol's stree art scene. Plus gorilla by Cheo.

Kopsky, collab with Cheo, Bedminster, October 2014

Cheo & Kopsky, North St Bedminster, Bristol, October 2014, 
Finally, a little tag from Southampton looking over the Avon.

 tag, Jip, Bristol

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