Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Rolling People

"Got a job for you, Bob.  Grab your roller."

TRP, The Rolling People, have featured here before. According to Street Art London they are Scarce, Seks, Cept, Brk, Snoe, Egoe and Aziz.

Here's a few pieces, in and around Sclater Street, EC1.




Now, here's one that was there this morning but gone now.  Last time TheCornPoppy featured a man with a roller and a can of paint Art was being created.  This time art was being destroyed.  

Not sure why.  Elsewhere in Sclater Street this afternoon there was a Chinese/UK film crew using a TRP piece as a backdrop . . . and on the other side of the tracks a fashion shoot was taking place in front of some more TRP pieces.


Let's watch an artist at work then.

Looks like a Dscreet owl there too.

Hey, look ! 0208 450 5747

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