Monday, 18 August 2014

The Papa Ding-Dong Diddley Daddy Debatably Daring Dig'in Out Dash'n Dip Dig'in Don Schroeder Show

embrace change, the corn poppy, 2014

well I walk where we used to walk
I see the things that we used to see
there's your name next to mine on that old cherry tree
it seems just like old times

I hear you whisper I love you
I feel the touch of your warm tender hand
pretending you're still here by my side my dear
makes it seem just like old times

all the family is gathered round
Lord, all my friends are here today
and the choir is singing our favourite song
it seems just like old times

oh it seems just like old times

sing a sad song
another Spooner Oldham classic, this time with Papa Don Schroeder
recorded by James and Bobby Purify
available on Shake a Tail Feather! The Best of . . . 

buy it here or in an old record shop somewhere

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