Sunday, 10 August 2014

French Connection

Our Paris Correspondent was lurking around a subway recently, an underpass under the A10 at Villabon sur Yvette, when she saw a man with a can who turned out to be Bab2 of P19 Crew hard at work.  Which is a bit like walking into a studio in Florence in 1504 and watching Leonardo setting up his easel.

BAB2, P19, Villabon sur Yvette, 2014

 BAB2, P19, Villabon sur Yvette, 2014

Moebius, BAB2, P19, Villabon sur Yvette, 2014

Part of the piece is this Moebius tag.  I'm guessing that Bab2 has drawn inpiration from Jean Giraud who, as Moebius, "created a wide range of science fiction and fantasy comics in a highly imaginative and surreal, almost abstract style" (to quote copy and paste from Wikipedia).   
  BAB2, P19, Villabon sur Yvette, 2014

Bab2 is one of the collective known as P19, along with Pener, Akse, Pest, Dume, Tcho. Spyr, Skred, Dover and Make B.  They have a Facebook page which is worth checking out.  There's going to be more from the underpass so stick around.

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