Friday, 8 August 2014

Bonnie's back

Shepard Fairey/Obama style koruption of Bonnie Seymour by Korupt, Southampton

Bless you, Bonnie Seymour has been seen in these parts before, definitely one of my favourite bits of street art.  So much so that I hijacked the name for a short lived graffiti blog. happened in June this year while theCornPoppy took a rest.  I thought about reposting each of its 23 posts here, one day at a time, but thought better of it. Instead I'll drop a series of links.

The first is this from M-one, the first of a batch from the 2014 Portsmouth Street Games Festival.  This took place in Portsmouth Guildhall Square in early June and included a subway train that disappeared under paint courtesy of Snub23 and Morf.


Fidget and Monk on Tour were also at Portsmouth and were featured here and here.  These are works in progress - go visit the links to see the finished pieces.

Monk on Tour

The graffiti part of the festival was organised by My Dog Sighs who deserves a post to himself. In fact one of the reasons that TheCornPoppy returned after its break was that there was some unfinished business - including a promised piece about My Dog Sighs and the Golden Years thread that stalled in 1972, just as I was getting into it.  There's also some amazing graffiti on its way from Our Paris Correspondent, Mme Akriche.  So, lots to look forward to. 

Next couple of posts will bring you up to date with Bonnie Seymour.  Then some of the other stuff. Here's a teaser for My Dog Sighs:

My Dog Sighs

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