Saturday, 19 July 2014

Pure joy wins out again

Six weeks ago I thought the world could end.  I wouldn't have cared.  The most heartbreaking thing had happened and nothing mattered anymore.  That's why The Corn Poppy took a break.  Writing a blog while my daughter was arranging the funeral of her baby did not seem the right thing to do.

But life goes on. As the picture above shows. There's still songs to be sung, pictures to be painted. Pure joy wins out again and makes it easy as Julian Cope once said.

During the week of the funeral I was working with a disabled child. He had a learning disability and a physical disability and a can-do attitude.  He didn't know it but he was my inspiration that week. He reminded me that setbacks only set us back as far as we let them.

A few weeks earlier I had been writing a story, a story for the baby.  It involved a Giraffe and his journey through life.

Some of it ended up on .  One bit went like this:
"Hmmmm" said Giraffe.  "I choose, I choose . . . life, sunrise to start the day, sunset to end it, sunshine to warm the days, clouds and breeze and rain to cool them, forests and fields, wild and wide open spaces to run in, trees to shelter under, leaves to eat, sandwiches to enjoy, streams to drink from, rivers to stand tall by, mountains to look up to, grass to look down on, airplanes to be amazed by, silence to treasure, bird song to listen to, my own song to sing, spring and summer, autumn and winter, day and night, dawn and twilight.  It's a gift."
I'm gonna take my own advice.  Make a choice.  Choose life.  And like Sherlock Holmes returning from the Reichenbach Falls - The Corn Poppy is back.

If you want to do something for me, do this.  Little Aubrey Rosa (for that was her name) wasn't on earth long enough to make a difference. You'd think.  But in her shortest of short times she not only broke hearts: she generated so much love.  Do something in her memory.  Perform a kindness and do it in Aubrey Rosa's name.  Let me know how it goes.  Thanks.

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