Friday, 23 May 2014

The Corn Poppy

I became a Grandfather today, for the shortest time. 

At 6.21 this morning my daughter gave birth to a baby girl, four months prematurely.

My daughter and her husband are two of the brightest, smartest, coolest, funniest, kindest, most creative, caring people I know.  (That's them on the album cover below). 

They have always been lucky and deservedly so. 

They always fall feet first in the butter, as Slovakian grandmamas might say. 

Today, sadly, that was not the case.

This year I have spent more time visiting loved ones in hospitals than is good for the health. 

At the same time, on a more or less daily basis the newspapers have stories about the failing National Health Service. 

A massive organisation like the NHS will have its faults, its flaws, and for some individuals the results of this may be catastrophic or heartbreaking. 

But, having spent time in the last couple of months in a variety of wards from Intensive Care, Acute Surgical, geriatric, labour and maternity I want to say this: I could not have been more impressed with the level of care, the conviction and compassion of staff, the professionalism and skill exercised, the resources available and made available without regard to status or ability to pay.  Britain is privileged to have the NHS, preserve and protect it. Bless the NHS.


TheCornPoppy is going to take a little break now.  
Thanks everyone who came along for the ride. 
Thanks to Flora Borsi for the initial inspiration and thanks to all the artists who have graced the pages from Leonardo to Cr2em. 
Back in a while.


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