Thursday, 24 April 2014

turning the town blue

 He seems to be completely unreceptive. The tests I gave him showed no sense at all!

His eyes react to light; the dials detect it. He hears but cannot answer to your call!

All hope lies with him and none with me

I often wonder what he is feeling! Has he ever heard a word I've said?

'never mind, your part is to be what you'll be'

I'm you wicked Uncle Ernie

I'm the gypsy

I'm the acid queen

Tommy doesn't know what day it is

These pricey deals don't teach us. Your freedom doesn't reach us. Awareness doesn't shape us. Enlightenment escapes us. How can all this trivia take us to the goal you reached? We came here to be like you, find the world you preach.

I'm free - I'm free, And freedom tastes of reality! I'm free - I'm free, And I'm waiting for you to follow me

Right behind you I see the millions. On you I see the glory. From you I get opinions. From you I get the story. Listening to you I get the music. Gazing at you I get the heat. Following you I climb the mountain. I get excitement at your feet!

Saints fan flying over Fratton Park

Art from Winston Churchill Avenue, Southsea, Portsmouth
Quotes from Pete Townshend/The Who's Tommy. 
Some of the 1975 Tommy movie was filmed at Southsea, Portsmouth including the Pinball Wizard scene fimed at the King's Theatre, Albert Road.  Albert Road shops were featured in this post

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