Friday, 18 April 2014

Black and white world

amazing street art by Liqen, Chichester, 2013

I AM CONFUSED .WHO IS MR. BERNARD WILLIAMS SMITH? CONFIRM IF YOU SEND HIM TO CLAIM YOUR FUNDS OVER $40MILLION is very urgent you call me on  Direct Mobile Tel  +234-xxxxxxxxx
 amazing street art by Liqen, Chichester, 2013
Dear valued customer ,

We detected irregular activity on your Online
Banking Account.

For your protection, you must verify this activity
before you can continue using your Online Banking.

Follow the reference below , fill out the information
required to review your account and press continue.

We will review the activity on your account with you and upon
verification . any restrictions placed on
your account will be removed .

To do so please download the form and follow the instructions on your

Our Regards
amazing street art by Liqen, Chichester, 2013
Hi my Dear,

My name is Chucks f Feeney, a philanthropist and the founder of The
Atlantic Philanthropies, one of the largest private foundations in the
world. Dear, I believe strongly in 'giving while living.' I had one
idea that never changed in my mind -- that you should use your wealth
to help people and I have decided to secretly give USD 1.9Million to
randomly selected individuals worldwide. On receipt of this email,

Visit the web page to know more about me:

Chucks Feeney

amazing street art by Liqen, Chichester, 2013
Dear Customer,
During our usual security enhancement protocol, we observed multiple login attempt error while login in to your online account. We have believed that someone other than you is trying to access
your account for security reasons, we have temporarily suspend your account and your access to online bank account will be restricted if you fail to update now.

Note: We will never contact customers via email asking to supply any confidential information, telephone or internet banking login details via email that is why we want you to verify your account by our internet automated machine.

Thanks again for using update


 amazing street art by Liqen, Chichester, 2013

Hi! This letter you wrote pretty and charming girl! My name is Juliya.
I sent you my photo that you'd had an idea who writes to you and how I look.
I love to play sports and so I have athletic body. I'm not interested in money
since I myself can not provide for themselves in this life.
I am writing this letter because now I'm in your town. I came to your town to
work and stay here for very long.
I want to meet with you to meetings because I was really bored here in the
evenings and I do not know what to do.
 amazing street art by Liqen, Chichester, 2013

We will request for item quote on these items 1 are MARINE ITEMS, 2- 5 OEM ITEMS.Kindly advice on the unit price and the availability,if you can source or supply the Parts number listed below.

1.  1834C  Furuno Marine  48 Nautical miles
Detroit Diesel & Caterpilar Diesel Parts
Detroit Diesel OEM
2.  Ringset #23524349
3.  Ringset #23522955
Genuine OEM Caterpillar Power Part
4.  1W-6541 CAT PART
5.  7w-5929 PLUNGER

I will be awaiting your response on the prices so that I will respond with the quantity I want to buy, then my credit card info will be sent to you so you can charge for the total amount of my order.

Ralph Edward
amazing street art by Liqen, Chichester, 2013
Magic is right for you

amazing street art by Liqen, Chichester, 2013
Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit is 1 GB, which is defined by the administrator, are running at 99.8 gigabytes, you can not send or receive new messages until you re-validate your mailbox.

To renew the mailbox, click link below:
Thank you!
Web mail system administrator!

WARNING! Protect your privacy. Logout when you are done and completely
exit your browser.

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