Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Freedom is a heady wine

 The last post featured some of the big pieces that look down on Bristol from Nelson Street. They are mighty, they are BIG, they are right there. You can't miss them. There is some great art - the piece by El Mac is obviously in the style of the great Reformation painters. But. And it's a big butt . . . in the same way that I'd rather find that lone early purple orchid in the woods than see all the glory of Kew Gardens they don't make my heart soar like finding some great piece in a car park or under a bridge. So here's some less big art, also from Bristol. mostly from the Bearpit and surrounding area

  Look back in love (not in anger)
I can't stay long
 Hypnotising Lies

Then and now
Heads will turn
Easy to please
Suffice to say you love me
(can't say that I blame you)

 I'll be leaving you

Tantamount to bribery

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