Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bill Drummond - gang warily

It's springtime.
  Forty bunches of daffodils, Bill Drummond

There are few artists who continue to produce work which is surprising, witty, interesting and challenging throughout their career.  Bill Drummond's work is not designed to shock; not designed to say "I'm cleverer than you".  It does make you think.  There are things we take for granted that Bill Drummond doesn't.

Cindy and the Barbi Dolls, Big in Japan
Bill Drummond on guitar, grooving with Dave Balfe on bass
Jayne Cassey on squeaky vocals with Ian Broudie on vocals and guitar
Budgie bashing the drums
The first time I saw Big Bill Drummond was in the Eagle pub in Lime Street Liverpool in 1976. He may have been with Roger Eagle (music promoter and legend) talking to Roger Chapman (once of Family, then of Streetwalkers, another legend) who was playing at the Empire that evening. 
The first time I saw a piece of performance art by Big Bill Drummond was when he was with the band Big in Japan.  I thought I was watching someone playing guitar in a band; I didn't realise I was watching someone who was playing the part of someone playing in a band.  He was that good.
At the time I sometimes played the part of someone watching a band.
Bill Drummond launches a raft and an exhibition tomorrow, March 13th 2014, at noon under Spaghetti Junction.  It is the start of a touring exhibition that will last until 2025.  Spend some time looking around Penkiln Burn to find out more about the world and work of Big Bill Drummond.  If you can, make your way to Birmingham before the 20th June 2014.

Bill Drummond

WORLD TOUR: 2014 -2025

Drummond is still concerned there may not be enough time to get everything done before he dies



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