Wednesday, 26 February 2014

the city is an illusion

 Love Life, Stephanie Lindley
Artwork by students from Southampton Solent University in Old Northam Road, Southampton. 
This part of Southampton has been undergoing restoration for as long as anyone can remember.  It is an area that suffered serious bombing during WWII and has been sliced up by road developments ever since.  Back in the 1960s there was a Doll's Hospital where you could take your poorly or injured doll, leave it while you visted nearby Kingsland Market and pick it up later, all well again.  For years it has been the centre of the antique trade in Southampton.  Being close to Southampton docks it was home to many of the crew of RMS Titanic.  Cobwebs antique shop was just about the only place you could buy Titanic memorabilia before Leonardo de Caprio set sail from Hollywood and the Titanic industry was reborn.  The only independent record shop in Southampton - BooHoos - is in Old Northam Road.

 curated by Solent Creatives
These works are currently displayed on hoardings in Old Northam Road where work is being carried out to restore some very ropey buildings.  The pieces are by students from Southampton Solent University and the display has been put together by Solent Creatives, which, as its website tells you, is "a creative agency like no other.  Established in early 2011, Solent Creatives provides a unique opportunity for businesses and private individuals to tap into the diverse talent pool of students studying at Southampton Solent University for creative freelance assignments."

 illustration by Sophie Reynard

illustration by Max Ruddock
illustration by Sam Goodchild
illustration by Sarah Silverstein
illustration by Julia Soboleva
illustration by . . . inconnu . . .
illustration by Jessica Baulcomb (top)
and Camilla Daniel (bottom)
illustration by Max Ruddock

illustration by Jair Graham

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