Tuesday, 25 February 2014

greener, fresher, better

Community is important; knowing your neighbours, popping to the shops, nattering over the garden wall.  But what do you do when the shops have almost all closed down?  Call stokescroftmurals.co.uk to paint new shop fronts on the shutters of the closed down shops.  Works a treat! 
These pictures were all taken around Princes Street, Northam, Southampton.  Still looking good, even if Northam hasn't yet won Britain in Bloom.
Dallas Foodstore, stokescroftmurals.co.uk
The real Dallas Foodstore
Sugar Loaf Bakery, stokescroftmurals.co.uk

Honest John Dave, stokescroftmurals.co.uk
 Local Grocery, stokescroftmurals.co.uk

I Do Bridalwear, stokescroftmurals.co.uk

The Old Trout, stokescroftmurals.co.uk
 Toy Library, stokescroftmurals.co.uk
Hansel & Gretel, stokescroftmurals.co.uk

Northam Community Cafe, stokescroftmurals.co.uk
Northam Community Cafe, stokescroftmurals.co.uk
Northam Neighbourhood Police Office, stokescroftmurals.co.uk

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